How to Find the Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh?

Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh

Nothing matches the excitement and happiness of getting a positive pregnancy test report. Motherhood is a blessing for every woman. When you learn about the good news, the first thing that crosses your mind is finding the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh.

A doctor who is experienced and can become your true companion in this wonderful journey. Here are some tried and tested tips for finding the best gynaecologist in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Check your Insurance Plans

Do you have health insurance? If so, you should identify which maternity doctor in Mohali is a part of your plan. Moreover, you should also check your policy papers to see the costs of consulting an out-of-policy doctor.

If you are a Medicaid or Medicare beneficiary, you can check with your policy agent for more details. Lastly, it is always wise to confirm with your doctor’s office if they work with your insurance provider. It is the best way to get the list of doctors available in your area.

Get Reviews and Feedback

Your family, friends, and co-workers can be a great resource in this process. After all, they know your medical condition and have an idea of the city and the kind of maternity doctors in Mohali.

Apart from this, local smartphone apps and social media platforms can also help immensely in this process. You can get a fair idea about the personality, communication style, and philosophy of the doctors in the city. Remember, online reviews can be misleading at times. So, ensure you rely more on the people you trust and know well.

Distance Matters

Experienced and best gynaecologist in Mohali sees patients in clinics, hospitals, and private clinics. So, check their distances from your residence. Consider the traffic conditions, peak hours, driving time, and parking facilities in this process.

Since pregnancy is a crucial phase, you should consider searching for a doctor nearest to your place. Also, check the office-doctor distance if you need to go for check-ups during office hours.

Is Meeting the Gynaecologist Easy?

Accessibility is another crucial factor to consider in this process. You see, pregnancy leads to severe hormonal changes and other health conditions. These things can worsen over time. So, ensure you pick a doctor in Chandigarh who can see you or take your calls at any time.

Moreover, once you enter your second trimester, your visits to your gynaecologist will automatically increase. So, here is a list of questions you should consider while determining the accessibility of your doctor:

  • Can this doctor take emergency calls?
  • How quickly can the doctor check you in case of any emergency?
  • How long do you generally wait for your routine appointments?
  • Does she answer messages or prescribe medicines on the phone?
  • Is your maternity doctor in Chandigarh available on weekends or holidays for you?

Check the reputation of the gynaecologist.

There is nothing wrong with checking the reputation of the gynaecologist on your radar. After all, they will be privy to some of the most sensitive and intimate facts about your health and body. Start the process from the hospital or doctor’s website.

Read reviews and testimonials written by the patients. If required, you can also personally meet, call, or message some of the past patients of the doctors. Check the overall experience of the doctors in Chandigarh, their expertise, and their response to complicated cases.

Moreover, many gynaecologists have nursing homes and clinics and visit hospitals briefly. In this case, you should check her behaviour in both locations. Please refrain from consulting a doctor without knowing his or her medical history, experience, and success rate.

Check the Hospital

Health experts recommend consulting one maternity doctor in Chandigarh and staying in touch with her until delivery. Therefore, it is crucial to see in which hospital the doctor sits and how its condition is.

The hospital should have a good infrastructure with all the relevant equipment and emergency facilities. Moreover, it should have a pediatric section and a nursery as well. You can inquire with the officials to know the number of incubators and other infant equipment available in the hospital.

Also, the hospital should be a registered unit with all the safety measures and emergency services. Remember, you must find a reliable and safe place to deliver your baby.

Look for Board Certifications

Please understand that not every gynaecologist conducts deliveries. Some treat perimenopause and menopause issues. At the same time, some specialise in handling cancers. Therefore, it is crucial to search for the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh with board certifications.

These certifications indicate that the doctor has undergone additional training and assessments to become a specialist. Some doctors also have double-board certifications. Moreover, check their tenure of practice and the reputation of their medical schools.

Going for a board-certified gynaecologist is a wise decision. They have expertise in handling last-minute pregnancy complications. It will add an extra health security blanket for you and your baby.

Psychological Consultation

A woman goes through a lot of emotional and psychological turmoil post-delivery. Moreover, her chances of suffering from postpartum depression also increase due to less sleep and excess mood swings. Therefore, it would be great to go for the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh who acknowledges the relevance of good mental health after delivery.

The doctor should be able to screen the symptoms of depression and help you overcome them effectively. The right diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are crucial for the well-being of a new mother.

Summing Up

A gynaecologist is more than just a doctor. She is a friend, confidant, and a strong support system for pregnant women. Finding the best gynecologist in Mohali among so many is indeed an overwhelming task.

Considering your probable complications, current health status, and COVID-19-related precautions can make the process more taxing. However, you can smoothen this journey with these tips. They can help you reach the right gynaecologist in Chandigarh.

Last but not least, please stay patient throughout the process. Take your time to analyse different options. Pick the gynaecologists that can help you not only during your pregnancy, but also after it.

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