What To Look For When Choosing the Best IVF Centre?

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Are you facing trouble in conceiving naturally? If yes, then you can give try to IVF, one of the advanced technology that may fulfill your dream of becoming a parent of your own children. However, for a smooth IVF journey, you must choose the best IVF centre and maternity hospital near you. 

The IVF centre or IVF hospital is important to offer good care to you during the IVF process and pregnancy. 

With the right tools, a brief plan, and your OBGYN’s care in a good maternity hospital, your IVF journey can be absolutely smooth. Their facilities can also offer good care to you and IVF babies while providing help with clinical training. 

So, what to look for when choosing the best IVF centre in Chandigarh, Mohali, or nearby areas? Read through:

Good Hospital Care

One of the first things to see in a good IVF hospital is how well they care for the patients. Besides the regular machines and equipment, your maternity hospital should have emergency beds available. They should focus on treating patients with care and teaching them to recover/prevent any medical complications. You must also look for amenities and facilities that act as added support.

We recommend you to research the hospital as per the healthcare quality they provide. Look for the online reviews thoroughly and select a hospital that has 5-star reviews. Make sure to read the comments and see if they are genuine or not. The better the quality of hospital care, the higher the likelihood of desired health outcomes, especially if you’re getting pregnant in your late 30s.


Hygiene and sanitation are two important factors to consider when choosing the best maternity hospital in Tricity. When a maternity hospital is hygienic and clean, it retains its aesthetics and offers satisfaction to the patient. Also, a pregnant woman needs to stay away from infections or diseases, and hygiene is the only way to keep such spread at bay. 

Meanwhile, make sure to look for other essentials like clean water, as it’s fundamental for a mother’s good health. That’s because dirty and stagnant water during pregnancy can lead to diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Dysentery, and more. If it’s not managed properly, these diseases can lead to foetal death or miscarriages. So, always consider good WASH, as in Water Sanitation and Hygiene, in a maternity hospital. 

Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Your pregnancy journey is incomplete without a good doctor’s assistance. That’s why always select a maternal hospital with a professional healthcare assistance team. If you have a gynaecologist of your own, then follow their instructions. However, if not, look for a maternity hospital where you can find the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh

Make sure to quickly review the hospital booklets and check the qualifications of the gynaecologist. Always choose gynaecologists that have long-term experience in treating patients. Besides a personal gynaecologist, you must also check whether the hospital has a good gyno team in the emergency department. This will help you get immediate assistance when your regular gynaecologist is not available. 

Hi-tech Laboratories and Technology

While choosing the best maternity hospital in Chandigarh, look for the best laboratories, technologies, and technical assistance. That’s because a pregnant woman requires recurrent tests for consistent health monitoring. So, if you don’t choose a maternity hospital with hi-tech laboratories, you may have to go to other centres for the same. 

Jot down all the maternal hospitals of your city in one place, and then compare them as per their medical assistance. Choose the one that has the best laboratory and technical assistance, so you wouldn’t have to run back and forth to multiple hospitals during emergencies.

IVF Facilities

Maternal hospitals should also have professional IVF facilities to help with fertility, child conception, and related procedures. These centres could be helpful for those who are conceiving through the IVF process. Make sure to select the hospitals with the best IVF centre in Chandigarh as per the reviews and research. Also, check for their success rate and select the ones with the highest IVF success rate of all time. 

A good IVF clinic has a team of experienced professionals specialized in infertility treatments. As these treatments are expensive, you shouldn’t miss out on expert assistance on these procedures. Their professional assistance can guide you through the foods to avoid during IVF, diets, and myths for IVF treatment for a safe procedure.

Insurance Coverage

You must also choose a maternity hospital that comes under your insurance coverage. As there can be any clinical possibilities during pregnancy, you never know how much your bill is going to be. 

If your delivery requires any extra procedure, your hospital bills could be more massive than you can imagine. In such cases, insurance coverage can be a lifesaver. So, make sure to select a maternity hospital that falls under the scope of your medical coverage.  

Nearby Facilities and Services

One of the most crucial things to consider near maternity hospitals are extra facilities like hotels, transports, pharmacy, etc. Rather, we suggest you look for housing options besides the maternity hospital. That’s because, during the last months of the pregnancy, you never know when you may need admission for delivery. 

In such situations, if your guardian doesn’t get housing/accommodations nearby, it may take a lot of time and effort for them to travel. You may also face issues with regular checkups. Alternatively, you can look for hospitals that are near your location, so you can travel from your home whenever you want. 

Meanwhile, check for the availability of other essentials like ATM machines, money transfer services, and banks near the maternity hospital. These are for situations when you may need money and, ofcourse, you cannot carry cash all the time.  

To sum up, these were some of the things to look for when choosing a maternity hospital. Keep these things in consideration to have a smooth pregnancy journey.  

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