Sperm Donors in India – Everything You Need to Know

How Much do Sperm Donors Make in India

The concept of sperm donation in India has been doing rounds for a while now. Gone are the days when it was only prevalent in foreign countries. Indian men are also eagerly stepping into this industry. In this post, we’re going to explain about sperm donor salary in India and reasons to go for it. Let’s get started:

5 Reasons to go for Sperm Donation

By donating sperm, you’re involved in a noble deed by helping people become parents. Here are the top reasons to donate sperms:

  • It helps build families: First of all, sperm donation is a noble cause. It can help build and complete families. Many childless couples seek healthy sperm donors in India to start a family. Doctors recommend it to address various male infertility issues.
  • It is healthy: It is scientifically proven that sperm donation can help strengthen immunity. Experts from the top sperm bank in India also believe that it is a stress-relieving activity. The sperm donation process in India can benefit donors with various mental health issues like anxiety and depression.
  • Safe process: Under the sperm donation laws in India, donors must undergo an intensive health check-up and medical examination before anything else. Moreover, they are also tested for a wide range of infections and diseases, which can go undiagnosed in regular check-ups. For instance, Tay-Sachs, HIV I / II Antibody, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and RPR (Syphilis). Consult an expert to learn more about the sperm donation process in India.
  • Review family history: The best part is that sperm donors also have a golden chance to review their family health history. They must go through various check-ups and screenings per the sperm donation laws in India. It gives them an idea about the probable risk factors they and their future children could face. However, they change their genes but can take appropriate measures like lifestyle improvement and better diet to control the issues.

Law for Sperm Donors in India

There is ART regulation bill passed in Lok Sabha in 2020 related to sperm donors. It includes a lot about clinics, registration of couples, eligibility, etc. The rules for sperm donation are as follow:

  • A bank can obtain semen from males between 21 and 55 years of age.
  • Clinics are strictly required to check for genetic diseases before an individual makes any donation.
  • A donor will not have any parental rights over the child.

As per the sperm donation laws in India, males between 21 to 55 years are eligible to donate for only one couple in a lifetime.

So, it was all about sperm donation in India. It is a generous industry with a bright scope in the coming times. People who want to be a part of it should stop believing the misconceptions and consult the experts.  

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