How Can I Improve My Health in My 50s?

health in 50s

Are you wondering whether completing five decades of your life should be a joyful or restless feeling? Well, that completely depends on how you see your past experiences and continue to have an overall view of life. But stepping into your 50s can usually be overwhelming because of the health issues you already have or are likely to develop.

The good news is, that you can still have great control over your well-being. It all starts with identifying and adopting habits that help you live the healthy and happy life you desire. Coming back to the question, “how to stay healthy after 50?” 

Starting with the Most Obvious 

So, what’s a healthy lifestyle over 50? As a matter of fact, the changes for both men and women at this age are particularly the same. Yet, certain tips and suggestions work differently for each biological gender.

Let’s first uncover a few everyday healthy habits for both sexes.

  1. Shun Away the Gadgets – Your phone addiction is an adaptation to today’s tech-driven world. But you need to understand that at this stage of aging, you must take some time off from your screen. Not only would it help your eyes and mind to relax, but also reduce neck, shoulder, and elbow pains. Try spending time with friends and family. If that’s not frequently possible, you can join a social club and interact with people. You can also spend some ‘me’ time by simply admiring nature, listening to music or reading a book.
  1. Water to the Rescue – Keeping yourself hydrated with the right quantity of water is necessary. Water is the most natural form of survival and nourishment for the body. Not many people know that it’s one of the primary sources of calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, and other vital nutrients. Water can help with a lot of common health problems after the age of 50. You should drink a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning. Depending on the season, you may reduce or increase your intake, but make sure to always consult your doctor or physician for guidance on the appropriate amount for your body. 
  1. Keep it Moving – Staying active is important on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily involve any rigorous physical activity. A mild form of exercise, yoga or simply a walk are enough to keep your body moving. Based on your physiological problems, you must exercise under the guidance of a medical expert. If you feel unmotivated to exercise, it’s best to join some workout classes and sessions where you can find some encouragement and support to take care of your body.
  1. Relish the Veggies – This answers the most commonly asked question too, “What should people over 50 eat?” Vegetables and fruits help maintain the healthy balance of all components in the body. For instance, green leafy vegetables can help you fight anemia (lower count of red blood cells due to lack of iron). Similarly, fruits help to boost your immunity. Seasonal fruits like mango and orange are rich sources of vitamins A and C. You can make a vegetable or fruit salad, adding some spices to enhance the taste. Your favorite veggies can also find someplace in your soups, wraps, or sandwiches. Additionally, follow a good and nutritious diet daily and avoid overeating, alcohol consumption, smoking, and other forms of addiction.
  1. Dozing Off When It’s Time – Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is necessary for all age groups. However, it becomes more important after 50 years of age. Try getting 7-8 hours of night sleep and a short nap in the afternoons or evenings, if needed. This will help naturally cure some of your physical and mental health problems. Getting enough sleep will also keep your mood uplifted and you’ll feel energetic and positive throughout the day. If you’re suffering from insomnia or anxiety problems that don’t let you sleep, you must immediately seek medical attention.

For Men in 50s

  1. Regular Check on Prostate – An enlarged prostate can interfere with your normal life routine, with uneasy symptoms such as pain, frequent urination urges, loss of sexual function, etc. So, it’s important to get your prostate checked from time to time and take the necessary medications. A family history of prostate cancer is also quite common. This is why it’s best to take the required diagnosis and treatment on time. 
  1. Control Your Cholesterol – According to WebMD, “High cholesterol, also called hypercholesterolemia, puts men at higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral artery disease. For many men, the risk from high cholesterol starts in their 20s and goes up with age.”  So, men need to keep their cholesterol levels in check. Doing so can help you reduce the risk of heart attacks and other similar conditions. There are several cholesterol tests such as blood tests, total cholesterol, triglycerides, VLDL cholesterol, etc. You can consult a doctor and understand the most appropriate one for your health. 

For Women in 50s

  1. Pay Attention To Your Calcium Levels – One of the biggest effects of menopause in women is the deficiency of calcium. As per an article by Open Access Government, women between the age of 50-55 years, “… lose a shocking 10% of their bone. However, for 1 in 4 women, it’s even worse. They are ‘fast bone losers’ and lose even greater amounts of bone – up to 20%”. This greatly impacts the overall bone strength of a woman leading to various joint problems such as osteoporosis, insomnia, fatigue, eczema (inflammation of skin), dental problems (relating to teeth), and so on. Better Health Channel recommends women an intake of 1,300 mg of calcium per day.
  1. Limit the Sodium Intake – Just like high cholesterol levels lead to heart problems in men, women can suffer cardiac diseases because of excessive sodium in their bodies. Too much intake of salt can also lead to kidney diseases. You can start cutting on sodium by avoiding excessive consumption of all types of salts. As an alternative, you can go for non-salty herbs and seasonings to add flavor to your food. Additionally, you should avoid frozen and processed foods as they are high in sodium. 

Final Thoughts

By following these habits and paying attention to your health, you can have a happier and healthier time in your 50s. You can make this part of life feel good. In addition to taking care of your body, you must also develop a positive mindset. Don’t feel anxious about this stage of life. It’s like starting a new and wise phase, so make it all about being happy and staying healthy.

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